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Hugalongs Adventure Buddy Game Kit

What Is The Hugalongs Adventure Buddy Game?

Downloadable Missions

After registering your child's Adventure Buddy, you will receive FREE access to downloadable guided real-world missions (activities) for your child to complete with their new buddy. You will also receive instructions for how to create your own family missions.

Colorable Storybook & Buddy

What's included in the Game Kit?

  • a colorable storybook introducing the Adventure Academy, the Adventure Buddies and the real-world missions.
  • a wearable stuffed Adventure Buddy that is specially created to guide and support children through the provided missions as well as navigate life's many adventures.
  • Access to FREE downloadable guided missions (activities).

Our small heroes discover their biggest strengths, proving that with a hug and a buddy, no challenge is too difficult.

What makes us special?

We're not just another stuffed animal that sits in a pile collecting dust. Our wearable Adventure Buddy supports young heroes as they navigate life's challenges.

What Our Customers Say


We have an Adventure Buddy in the classroom and the kids know that when they need some extra support during the day they can grab the buddy. Highly recommend!

Becky M.

Preschool Teacher


Making an adorable stuffed animal wearable is a dream come true.

Eileen K.

Children's Therapist


A game our family can play anywhere, what a great idea! I love the missions in the game kit, but we also enjoy inventing our own missions.

Ken H.



I have invented fun missions for our family to go on around our city. We are making amazing discoveries and having a lot of fun together.

Danielle C.


"We are turning challenges into adventures."